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Prof’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Takeaway: WHITE SUPREMACY



Antioch University professor Timothy Malone recently wrote an op-ed in which he compared the wildlings in Game of Thrones to poor whites and the White Walkers to immigrants and people of other races, according to Campus Reform.

He said “You may be poor and at the bottom of the hierarchy, but at least you’re not Black, (or in this case, an ice zombie). That’s why [the wildlings] were located beyond the wall (the prison). In the show, they become deputized in the struggle against White Walkers; in reality, the device has been to turn some percentage of them into cops and prison guards with good benefits to ensure their loyalty to white supremacist capital.”

Uh huh. So, the obvious critique here is that the White Walkers are, themselves, also white, which makes it even tougher to shoehorn in the  whole “whites hate everyone who’s not the same color as them” schtick. And, believe it or not, Timothy wasn’t too pleased by “Game of Thrones’” black characters, either.

“You can have Black people close to power — but not in power. The Black man (Grey Worm) must be literally castrated to be ‘good,’ to be safe. Pulled from the dregs, freed by whiteness, Black men can’t pose a sexual threat to white women. They must be thankful.”

See, you miss so much when you view things through a racial paradigm instead of a cultural one. Yes, Grey Worm and his fellow black soldiers were castrated and treated rotten by their white masters. But, and I’m going to drop a few spoilers during the rest of this video, one of which is that the black soldiers are actually offered positions as bannermen of one of the seven kingdoms at the end of the series. This is after Dany, who is also white, but from a superior culture than the masters, frees them, incinerates one of their former masters, and orders the others to be killed.

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