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University of Missouri-Kansas City

Student Charged With Assault Of Conservative Speaker



University of Missouri — Kansas City student Gerard Dabu got arrested after hurling at Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire some sort of concoction that smelled like bleach but apparently wasn’t, according to Campus Reform.

Attendees of Knowles’ lecture were shouting “Hands up, don’t shoot.” As if that’s even relevant. This is how vapid our culture’s become — we have a meaningless platitude or pejorative for everything we don’t like. Someone has a different opinion than you? Call them a Nazi. Cops doing their job? Invoke Michael Brown. Anyways, the UMKC student is charged with assault, assault on law enforcement, peaceful disturbance, property damage, and resisting arrest.

So it must’ve been something really controversial that elicited that unhinged response, right? I mean, leftists don’t just get upset over nothing, right? This must’ve been something so inflammatory, so incendiary…you know, something like a presentation entitled “Men Are Not Women.”

Yes. Really. That’s apparently all it takes to trigger a meltdown these days. If they’re making it this easy, who knows, maybe I’ll embark on some campus tours for Rebel. The first one will be called “Up Is Not Down.”

For the second one, maybe we’ll do something like “2 + 2 doesn’t equal 5.”

It’s just too easy, fam. But the real question is whether the student will actually get sanctioned for his crime or just have the charges scrapped. Remember what happened with bike lock professor Eric Clanton? All felony assault charges were dropped. Hopefully there will be some actual justice this time around.


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