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Berklee College of Music

School Investigates ‘Incel Messiah’ Band



I don’t always visit The Washington Post for my education news, but when I did this week, I stumbled upon an article entitled “Student band yells obscenities, throws pig’s blood on a woman during concert in a Berklee College of Music cafeteria.” “The band, Incel Messiah, wanted the performance to be satirical.”

“Incel Messiah.” That just might beat out Gavin McInnes’s Anal Chinook for most discomforting band name ever.

Now, this is Berklee College of Music in Boston, by the way, not California. It’s apparently really hard for bands to get booked at that campus dining hall, but hey, those guys know how to play their instruments. And by that, I mean, they know how to make them produce a sound.

The school is investigating the incident and the student group running the show posted footage on Facebook, but later deleted it and said “Caf Shows did not approve and does not condone this band’s behavior or the inappropriate themes portrayed in the show.”

Berklee students called Incel Messiah’s show “offensive” and “misogynistic,” but the band said that they’re all feminists and intended to make fun of incel culture, which involves men who are involuntarily celibate and can’t find romantic or sexual relationships, but which is also associated with some pretty vile stuff like Elliot Rodger, a UC Santa Barbara student who killed several people after reportedly being unable to find a partner.

So while the student organization hosting Incel Messiah took down the band’s performance, the group has a YouTube page featuring “Demon Sex Pervert,” the song you just heard, as well as other lovely tunes like “Chronic Masturbator” and “Cut Off the Bassist’s Dick.”

Incel Messiah was originally planning on just doing this one show, but told Washington Post that more shows are now in the works. And yeah, if my prank spurred a Washington Post article as well as a school investigation, I’d also probably consider doing it again. Honestly, how much time do administrators and journalists have on their hands?

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