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Georgia Institute of Technology

Socialist Students Demand Eight Hours Of Sleep



We’ve heard democratic socialists call for free healthcare and college, a $15 minimum wage, etc., but now some democratic socialist students are also demanding eight hours of sleep, according to The College Fix.

Georgia Tech’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter says “We’re beginning our 8 Hours Campaign! If you are not getting enough sleep due to coursework overload or academic [commitments], email us! We will advocate for you; confronting professors, challenging administration, and so forth to make a real [commitment] to the health of every student. Everyone deserves 8 hours of sleep.”

Oh yeah, when it comes to deciding what everyone deserves, I think I’ll just listen and believe representatives of an ideology that’s killed dozens of millions of people. Here’s the thing: no one’s forbidding you from getting eight hours of sleep. There’s just this little thing called opportunity cost. If you want to be mediocre, you can get eight hours of sleep, but if you want to be outstanding, you might have to sacrifice sleep, video games, or a social life to get work done. It’s called meritocracy, but, of course, Georgia Tech’s socialist students are opposed to that concept, as well.

In a letter to the school president, they wrote “classes should be graded based on students learning course material as well as transparent criteria of course objectives, instead of through opaque bell curves that pit students against each other.”

What’s so bad about pitting students against each other? That’s what’s going to happen the rest of their lives, regardless of their career path, because excellence isn’t something that exists in a vacuum, but instead something defined by how well you do compared to your peers.

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