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University of Illinois

Prof Wants Math To Oppose ‘Truths And Knowledge’



Dr. Rochelle Gutierrez from the University of Illinois apparently “focuses on equity issues in mathematics” and is giving a presentation titled “Mathematx: Towards a way of Being,” reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. She starts out claiming that “the relationship between humans, mathematics, and the planet has been one steeped too long in domination and destruction.” OK, I guess we’re just supposed to take that for granted and ignore all of the innovation math has made possible. But then she goes on to say:

“I argue for a movement against objects, truths, and knowledge towards a way of being in the world that is guided by first principles–mathematx.”

Listen, Rochelle, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When you’re a left-wing activist masquerading as a public intellectual, yes, you are typically trying to destroy truth…but you usually don’t FLAT-OUT SAY THAT. She continues:

“This shift from thinking of mathematics as a noun to mathematx as a verb holds potential for honouring our connections with each other as human and other-than-human persons.”

What the heck is an “other-than-human person”?

So the professor apparently used six years of funding from the National Science Foundation, that would be taxpayer money, to help math teachers “develop their political knowledge.” And just look at the footnotes on this first page of this article she published: she uses a capital-B “black,” uses the “@” sign when referring to Latinos to “decenter the idea of a gender binary,” says “historically looted” instead of “low income,” and “emergent bilingual” instead of “English learner” because she’s apparently really hell-bent on “decenter[ing]” English in the United States.

Needless to say, the future job opportunities of the students whose teachers she’s indoctrinating don’t seem as important to Rochelle as putting math, one of the most pro-reason disciplines out there, into the stranglehold of social justice.

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University of Illinois

Socialist Students Not Happy With CIA Partnership



The International Youth and Students for Social Equality advocates completely reasonable things like “free quality education,” “free quality health care,” and “historical truth,” a section they begin by saying they side with Trotsky over Stalin, according to a link posted by Campus Reform.

UI Chicago is partnering with the CIA to help graduates get jobs and internships in the intelligence field, mock interviews, and resume assistance. Sounds pretty helpful, right? Well, when the school’s IYSSE chapter caught wind of this, it authored a statement titled “CIA out of University of Illinois Chicago!”

The socialist students say UIC has a diverse student body including “children of immigrants who were forced to flee their country of origin due to the turmoil caused by the regime change operations of the CIA itself. If recruited, these students would be utilized to carry out imperialist crimes of the US government around the world.” They go on to say the CIA is “responsible for countless crimes—the overthrow of governments, the fomenting of civil wars, assassinations, torture and spying.”

“Imperialist crimes,” eh? I think that “imperialist” is hysterical SJW-speak for “interventionist.” And intervention isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re intervening to prevent something you have reasonable cause to believe will affect your own country if left unchecked.

Anyway, the socialist students continue: “The encroachment of military and intelligence agencies onto the campus is not an isolated incident but a symptom of the breakdown of world capitalism.” “World capitalism.” Wow, way to give something a negative connotation: like it’s world hunger or something. People on the political extremes honestly come up with some of the best lingo…“crisis actor” is another good one.

“Amidst increasing inequality and growing resistance in the working class, the ruling elite is looking for new ways to suppress opposition to its domination of every aspect of social life.” Wow Conspiracy, much? “It is trying to turn college campuses, which should be center[s] for learning and the free exchange of ideas, into instruments of counter-revolution and reaction.”

Hmmm or how about instruments for employment so that you don’t end up being deadbeat hippies?

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