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Western Washington University

Gender-Ambiguous Student And School Erase Pro-Life Messages



A Western Washington University student erased “really shitty” pro-life messages chalked at the school, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Apparently one of the messages Students for Life chalked advertised Silent No More, a group that helps women with pain after they’ve had abortions. And let’s take a look at some of the others: “Pregnant? Need Help?,” “Love them both.”

Maybe that student was taking the old adage “love hurts” a little too literally. So the pro-life student activists rechalked that night, but woke up the next morning to find a Western Washington University employee scrubbing the messages away.

Now Students for Life reached out to the school and an admin told her that the erasure was a “big miscommunication.” Okay, fair enough, but then things get a little hazy. “The only ‘provocative’ writing we would ask to be removed would be hate speech and we would be in communication about that. We might also work with you if it were specifically triggering but even that would not be asked to be washed away.”

Of course, what exactly is “hate speech”? What exactly is “triggering”? Well, I’ll tell you what they are — they’re weasel words used by colleges that want to profess their commitment to free speech, but whenever there’s particularly sharp outrage from the perpetually offended, they have those handy-dandy “harassment” policies to hide behind. The jig’s up, you guys; we know your cards and all that’s left to do now is kick back, relax, and watch those free speech lawsuits come rolling in.


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