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Diablo Valley College

Antifa Bike Lock Prof May Face 11 Years In Prison



Former Diablo Valley College professor Eric Clanton may face 11 years in prison for allegedly busting a Trump supporter’s head with a bike lock, according to an interview he did with Rolling Stone entitled “Antifa on Trial: How a College Professor Joined the Left’s Radical Ranks.”

I love how this headline suggests that it’s UNUSUAL for professors to be part of the radical left; perhaps this author needs to tune in to Campus Unmasked. But I guess if you define “radical” to include only outright violence and not anti-white and and anti-Israel curriculum, readings from the Marxist Frankfurt School, etc., you can maybe get away with it.

Clanton refers to the “structural violence of the state” and I don’t think he’s talking about specific states like totalitarian dictatorships there, but instead violence inherent when you have any sort of government. Even more curious is when he dismisses the concept of moral high ground as something created by the “narrative class.”

Are these the sort of people you want teaching in universities? People who think morality is just another narrative, who think respect and decency are just weapons used to oppress them? At the end of the day, Eric Clanton’s case is a huge win for 4Chan and citizen journalism in general. If the mainstream media won’t hold these domestic terrorists to account, there at least seems to be a whole generation of sleuthy sentinels out there whose investigative skills are matched only by their razor-sharp wit and devotion to Western values.

Diablo Valley College

Prof: Break The Law To Destroy White Supremacy



Professor Albert Ponce is urging his students to break the law to destroy “white supremacy,” according to a video published by The Red Elephants. No covert innuendo, no subtle insinuation, just a blatant recommendation to go out and commit crime.

This far-left professor lectures in the political science department at Diablo Valley College in California. And he’s not teaching some radical elective classes only a handful of self-hating social justice activists with a promising future in unemployment take. No, the school entrusts Ponce with teaching political theory, introduction to politics, and American government. If Diablo Valley College sounds familiar to you, it should. It’s the same school that employed Eric Clanton, the bike lock professor who assaulted a Trump supporter at Berkeley.

And surprise, surprise, Diablo Valley College “continuously ranks among the top transfer pathways to UC Berkeley.” With the reputation THAT school’s garnered after the 2017 Antifa riots, that’s a bit like boasting your small-town prison has the most inmates who go on to excel at Guantanamo Bay.

Ponce is also not a huge fan of the American flag, suggesting that it does represent all Americans.

Anything to undermine the nation, right? Michael Savage talks about borders, language, culture and the left loathes these things because they’re incompatible with equality of outcome, they’re obstacles to the happy, homogenous communist utopia packed with thought police and welfare checks. Now it’s fine for people to express these views, but when they’re introduced as facts in the classroom with no opposing worldviews for balance, when they’re paired with violence and incitement, well, that’s when education becomes indoctrination.

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