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Carnegie Mellon University

Prof Calls Largest Police Union ‘Fascist’



Professor Paolo Pedercini teaches animation, creative coding, and experimental game design at Carnegie Mellon University’s art school, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. You would think that with the Italian background, he might be at least a little aware of who and isn’t a fascist. But then you see this tweet in which he calls the Fraternal Order of Police, the biggest police union in America, “America’s largest fascist organization.”

Yes. We have truly reached an era where any kind of law and order is fascism, unless presumably it ignores crimes committed by minorities and focuses exclusively on those perpetrated by whites, conservatives, or one of the left’s other favorite scapegoats.

Pedercini also had some profound insight on how to fight back against controversial speakers on campus and here’s a hint: it’s not with words. He responded to an article about how to counter Milo Yiannopoulos with “there is also a third option which is: punch the nazi [sic], take their microphones, but don’t make a spectacle out of it.”

I think this is the professor’s answer to Antifa’s dilemma, which is: how can we punch people we disagree with, without making an enemy out of the public? And I hate to break it to you, Pedercini, but it’s not going to happen because you don’t control every cell phone, Twitter account, and news site out there.



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