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University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Prof Charged With Throwing Fake Blood On NRA Lobbyist’s House



University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociology professor Patricia Hill has been charged with property destruction for allegedly spraying fake blood on an NRA lobbyist’s home in October and January, reported The Hill.Even if you genuinely think the NRA, a group defending the 2nd Amendment, is responsible for almost uniformly mentally ill and fatherless school shooters, you’re not going to win people over with these childish stunts. Same thing goes for the right when Turning Point USA dresses up in diapers to make fun of campus safe spaces. It’s just humiliating, alright?

And Hill’s not the only professor making a fool out of herself. Her UNL colleague English professor Amanda Gailey also protested at Cox’s house and while SHE didn’t do anything illegal, let’s take a look at those Rate My Professor reviews. Only 20% would take her classes again and students say “what a circle jerk….Can’t shut up about her own causes,” “just puke up what she says and nod like you agree,” and “so threatened by opposing ideas she kicks students out of her class.”

Now a university spokeswoman said that Gailey was displaying her own views on her own time, that the actions of Hill, who has her trial May 21st, are subject to police review, and that “the university has nothing to do with these events”…except it does because I’m PRETTY sure these ladies’ students don’t exactly have an unbiased curriculum.

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