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Brookdale Community College

Prof Allegedly Asked Black Student If He Knows The N-Word



Brookdale Community College Professor Howard Finkelstein apparently asked a black student if he knew the n-word, called a student veteran a murderer, and then told that student you just saw “fuck your life” when the student argued that sexual harassment affects both women and men, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. The left loves to talk about the intersectionality of oppression, but what about the intersectionality of stupidity?

So let’s start with the black student, Joey Smith, who told me Finkelstein asked him “do you know what a n***er is?” The professor allegedly said the word in multiple other classes. 

“[Finkelstein] called [the] veteran a murderer,” fellow student Chris Lyle told me. “He also said he takes pride in killing innocent people for money….We have 22 veterans a day who commit suicide….If anything, we should be helping these people out…not throwing them under the bus.”

Unless doing so fits your agenda of one happy, harmonious, stateless utopia, that is. Smith tells me that the student veteran hasn’t come to the past few classes and is considering legal action against the school. Lyle apparently reported Finkelstein to Brookdale administrators but it doesn’t seem like the school scolded the professor. No, Brookdale student conduct and compliance manager Christopher Jeune apparently told Lyle he “can’t sleep at night knowing [the student owns] guns with this video circulating around the Internet….They are more concerned about my gun ownership that I obtained legally than this professor’s conduct.”

Wow. MSNBC and CNN need to check in with Brookdale the next time they hire spinmasters.

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