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King's College London

Antifa Crashes Libertarian Talk



The libertarian society at King’s College London hosted classical liberal YouTuber Carl Benjamin, known as Sargon of Akkad, and Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute to discuss Ayn Rand’s super radical theory of objectivism, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation. Around 300 people signed up to attend the event, but a day after an Antifa-oriented group announced they would protest it, administrators prevented 200 people from attending by making the event student-only. But not even the remaining 100 students got to hear the whole talk.

Antifa reportedly injured a security officer and threw smoke bombs, as well. The speakers ended up having to move their event off-campus for a crowd of only around 30, about a tenth of the planned size.

Now, King’s College London told me it condemns violent protest, that its police are investigating the incident, and that it will decide on “appropriate action to be taken,” which I’m guessing means they haven’t arrested any Antifa members who, covered in all black, aren’t identifiable on video either.

Remember the 18th Century Black Act? The since-repealed British law made lurking around in a mask punishable by death in some cases. Now, I’m not advocating anything so extreme, but why do college administrators think these young adults are wearing masks? To help someone with their homework? The schoolyard cops and robbers game isn’t exactly something 20-year-olds play. If university campuses really want to clamp down on far-left violence, they need to start unmasking the perpetrators.

King's College London

Fight Capitalism By Buying Antifa Merch!



Wasn’t it fun Monday when we shut down that libertarian hate speech at King’s College London? It got me thinking: the best way for us to spread our message of smashing global capitalism is to form private entities and sell Antifa merchandise to college students worldwide.

My favorite Antifa news site It’s Going Down sells the hottest Antifa swag, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation. Look, you can trade in one of those pieces of paper with some stupid dead white guy on it for this super cool “Hospitalize Your Local Fascist” badge.

How about this button that says “not gay as in happy, queer as in f*** you” or this one saying “no more presidents”? I mean, we’re doing all the hard work for you, AmeriKKKa. Defeating fascist logic with profanity and platitudes, or just some punches and pepper spray, that’s the tough part. All the universities have to do is shred a few pieces of paper or take down a few links online to free speech policies. Same thing for Trump and Congress, actually — how long would it realistically take to draw a line through the First and Second Amendments? Come on man.


Now hey, look, I know a lot of my comrades are concerned when our thought leaders like Dartmouth professor Mark Bray can’t even define fascism and says he “hesitate[s] to confine [fascism] to an abstract, analytical definition.” After all, how will people know if they deserve to get punched if anyone and everyone can be a fascist? But that’s the point of America, man. Liberty! Freedom! The freedom to bend words to my will and punch whomever I want!

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