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McGill University

Anti-Israel Group Crashes Meeting



McGill’s board of governors is considering making it impossible for its investment committee, which oversees a $1.6 billion endowment — to support or oppose investments based on “social or political causes,” reported The Algemeiner. The board was supposed to vote on the policy in December, but their meeting was shut down by activists from the school’s anti-fossil fuel and Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights groups.

In a Monday op-ed, the two groups explained that the board delayed their vote until February 15, but “when it became clear that the Board had no intention to consult the community about the proposal, we shut down the meeting in song with a rendition of ‘We Have Got the Power.’”

Of course. Because when it comes to progressives, it’s always about the power. The end justifies the means and they never see the irony in trying to achieve tolerance…through intolerance. But let’s look at the anti-fossil fuel and pro-BDS activists’ main argument:

They say that the policy the university’s considering “would have [McGill’s Committee to Advise on Matters of Social Responsibility] ‘refrain from using the University’s resources to advance social or political causes.’ To repeat, the committee that oversees the ethics of McGill’s investments was told that it need not pressure the university to make investment decisions on the basis of morality.”

I’m sorry, “to repeat”? The policy you JUST read mentioned stopping the use of resources to further social or political causes. It mentioned NOTHING about morality. In short, be wary of left-wing activists who try to reframe a difference in political opinions as a battle of good vs. evil. It’s precisely that kind of thinking that legitimizes political violence.

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