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University of California at San Diego

Kate Steinle Posters Torn Down, Called ‘Racist Propaganda’



People are tearing down posters of Kate Steinle, the woman shot by an illegal alien acquitted of the murder in state court last month.

The posters featured around west coast campuses and reported by The College Fix displayed a picture of Steinle’s face with the caption “she had dreams too,” referring to the hopes Steinle had for her future, but also illegal alien DREAMers.

Students hung Steinle posters at other west coast campuses like UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC San Diego, but the posters were torn down at multiple campuses. In fact, the campaign caught the attention of UC San Diego’s “office for the prevention of harassment and discrimination,” which contacted student Gregory Lu after he hung up 150 Steinle posters at the school. The next day, all of them were taken down.

Lu said he thinks the office contacting him is “a threat because conservatives on this campus already have a hard time….We have had a bunch of left-wing posters go up all the time. So the argument they might make is ‘This is a political poster, we don’t want you to put it up’ is [sic] a nonsensical argument because leftists put up posters all the time.”

UC San Diego’s College Democrats also released a statement calling the posters “racist propaganda” and saying they “inflict violence upon individuals whose safety, security, and well-being are already delegitimized by state policy and hateful rhetoric.” Now that’s ironic. This whole statement is just rhetoric. I mean “inflict violence?” Did the posters jump off the wall and give illegal aliens papercuts? “Racist,” “marginalized,” “displays of hate,” these are terms so often applied by the Left that they’ve lost all their meaning.

Why are these people so obsessed with defending illegal aliens, Islamists, everyone who wants to break the law and violate human rights? Rhetoric won’t help when their special pet “victims” come for their jobs, their culture, and even their very lives.


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