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Antifa: ‘Give David Hogg A Wedgie’



An Antifa group by the name of Cutting Class posted a blog titled “Call to Recess: Give David Hogg a Wedgie!” reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Now Hogg apparently attended a stop on March for Our Lives’ Road to Change tour recently where he had the audacity to pose for photos with this guy who’s wearing a “love your nation, hate Antifa” shirt, as well as some members of Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys group and also have a conversation with them. March for Our Lives apparently posted the picture and then deleted it but that wasn’t good enough for Cutting Class, who said:

“March For Our Lives doubled down on defending their ‘dialogue’ like the useless fucking liberals they are — as if the past few years hasn’t definitively put dialogue with fascists in the dustbin of ideology.”

“GIVE DAVID HOGG A WEDGIE….This self-important little shitstain needs to be taken down a notch or two. Put him in his place with some classic schoolyard punishment….Send us pictures or videos if you pull this off and we’ll feature it on our site & send you some dope prizes as a reward (zines? Stickers? Handcrafted letters? An interview?…)

Oh yeah, getting a “bash the fash” sticker is really worth getting written up for assault. And oh wow an interview? But I thought dialogue was for Nazis.


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