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Profs OK With Kicking ‘Fascist’ Sarah Sanders Out



University of New Brunswick professor Matthew Sears commented on Sarah Sanders getting kicked out of Red Hen by saying “forget “respectability politics,” forget the “politics of division,” forget “civility.” Let’s denormalize these folks and their ideas every single chance we get, including throwing them the hell out of restaurants. Like we should have done *from the very beginning*.”

Right because you know that the best way to prove that your ideas are superior to someone else’s isn’t smashing them in debate, no no, it’s denying them food. The esteemed professor says that kicking the Press Secretary out of a restaurant isn’t what made Trump win and then posted this pretty cryptic message:

“For my fellow Christians who ask, “What would Jesus do?”: He would *make a whip* with materials lying around, and *violently* drive them from the Temple while denouncing them in no uncertain terms.”

But Matthew, who’s also previously compared Rebel Media shirts and MAGA hats to Ku Klux Klan hoods and Nazi banners, wasn’t the only Canadian professor with a woke take on Sanders. Responding to another academic who thought that kicking Sanders out of a restaurant pointed towards segregation, University of Waterloo professor Emmett Macfarlane said “-1000. Screw the fascists. It’s 1934 and pundits are complaining that a restaurant refused to serve Goebbels,” comparing the Press Secretary to the Nazi propaganda minister, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Now what does the erudite Emmett teach? Well, in an ironic twist that shouldn’t come as a shock if you’re a regular Campus Unmasked viewer, it turns out he’s a political science professor. I’m guessing his classes have two units: progressive goodthink and then conservatism, libertarianism, and classical liberalism in the unit titled “Nazi.”

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