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College of Southern Nevada

Prof Shoots Himself In Arm To Protest Donald Trump



College of Southern Nevada professor Mark Bird shot himself in the arm, apparently to protest President Donald Trump, reported Las Vegas Journal-Review. He is charged with carrying a dangerous weapon at school and without a permit, as well as shooting it inside a restricted environment.

Bird, who had taught at the College of Southern Nevada for 25 years, apparently taped a $100 bill to a mirror in a campus bathroom with a note reading “for the janitor” and then shot himself in the arm with a .22-caliber pistol. Campus employees and one or more students saw him limping out of the bathroom. Someone called 911 and the report says that before the police arrived, the professor said he shot himself to protest Trump.

Bird will have a preliminary hearing on September 17. Now, I don’t get too many stories out of Nevada, to be honest, but another one that did come to mind was University of Nevada, Las Vegas history professor Tessa Winkelmann, who, after the Las Vegas massacre, warned her students that “people will die” because of Trump.


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