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Harvard Clamps Down On Free Association



This month, Delta Gamma became the first single-gender group at Harvard to close because of the school’s new rules prohibiting students in single-gender groups from holding office in recognized student groups, receiving Harvard’s endorsement for prestigious accolades like the Rhodes Scholarship, or even captaining varsity athletic teams at the school, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Delta Gamma’s national president Wilma Johnson Wilbanks said:

“We respect the chapter’s decision and understand that the University’s sanctions resulted in an environment in which Delta Gamma could not thrive. We sincerely hope this changes in the future.”

So why penalize students who join single-gender groups in the first place? Well, Harvard spokeswoman Rachael Dane said:

“Harvard College seeks to build a community in which every student can thrive, and it does so on the foundation of a set of shared values including belonging, inclusion, and non-discrimination.”

OK so this is super-ironic coming from Harvard, one of the most discriminatory and exclusionary institutions probably on the face of the planet. And it’s that LACK of inclusion that makes it so distinguished. It wouldn’t exactly be Harvard anymore if they, let’s say, diversified their admission process by picking an equal number of people with 2.0 GPAs as 4.0 GPAs, now would it? Actually, that might be exactly what the school is doing if it is, in fact, discriminating against Asian Americans, which I guess we’ll find out in October.

Listen, frat and sorority members do get access to advantages like exclusive parties and an exclusive networking pool for jobs after college, but this holds for people from any group. You might be able to outlaw meetups featuring the annoying little Greek letters, Harvard, but hopefully, hopefully you and the media, Hollywood, and all of the other progressive institutions won’t be able to stop people with similar interests from coming together.


Harvard Official Apologizes After Affordable Housing Insult



Theresa Lund, executive director of Harvard University’s Humanitarian Institute complained because her children were trying to sleep and the daughter of Alyson Laliberte, a neighboring mother, was apparently making too much noise, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Lund asked whether Laliberte lived in Harvard housing, or an “affordable apartment.”

As long as it’s a public area, there’s really nothing Theresa can do. I think the layout here is probably Harvard housing off to one side, affordable apartments off to another with a common space in between that residents from both areas can use. And to be honest, Theresa, a couple dozen yards isn’t going to make much of a difference.

So after getting called racist by Alyson, the Harvard employee apologized Monday, saying her response was “inappropriate and wrong” and that “This clearly wasn’t my best moment, and I have work to do to more consistently be my best self.”

So if Alyson DID actually live in the cheaper housing, this seems like a case of coastal elites who virtue signal about how much they love the less fortunate to get their votes, but when it comes time to actually live with them? I mean, can you imagine if we actually took in all of those refugees and put a few of them in Theresa’s neighborhood? Something tells me she wouldn’t be too pleased.

But let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture, which is: what the heck is going on with Harvard? Now, if you join a frat or sorority at the school, you will be prohibited from applying for prestigious scholarships and holding leadership positions on campus. The school also requires faculty and students to take an online sexual harassment module because, you know, teaching people how not to rape or make sexist jokes totally works. Looming over all of this, of course, is the possibility that Harvard is discriminating against Asian American applicants. Stay tuned when that lawsuit hits the court in October.

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Freedom of Association Under Attack As Harvard Bans Frat Bros From Holding Office





Harvard University announced Tuesday that it will uphold its policy banning members of single-gender groups — namely, frats and sororities — from holding leadership positions on campus and from obtaining endorsements for awards like the Rhodes and Marshall scholarships, reported The Daily Caller. This latter restriction effectively barring fraternity and sorority members from those scholarships because endorsements are required to obtain them.

Frats and sororities are “a product of another era, a time when Harvard’s student body was all male, culturally homogeneous, and overwhelmingly white and affluent,” said Harvard president Drew Gilpin Faust and Harvard Corporation senior fellow William F. Lee.

I love how this is introduced as some sort of rationale. Just because single-gender groups are from an era with different social norms, they must be eradicated. Sure, we apply this to things like slavery, segregation, and male-only suffrage, in which one group of people benefited at the cost of another, but that doesn’t mean we throw every institution from before a certain time period out the window.

This is the same mindset used by cultural Marxists to tear down Confederate statues, plaster Thomas Jefferson with blood or a shroud and sign that says “f*** white supremacy,” and burn a bust of Abraham Lincoln.

I have to give them credit: Harvard makes no secret that this boils down to a difference in principles.

“The tensions between freedom and equality, between the rights of the individual and the welfare of the community have long challenged American society and have been the focus of much of the [unrecognized single-gender social organization] debate,” said Faust and Lee.

“As a professor of history noted in last October’s Faculty meeting, ‘the freedom of association enjoyed by some of our students comes at the cost of excluding the majority of our students from those associations.'”

That’s some serious 20th century collectivism right there. First of all, siding with equality over freedom is code for embracing equal outcome instead of equal opportunity. Second, saying individual rights and community welfare are at odds is simply a straw man. Unlike slavery and other discarded institutions, single-gender groups aren’t state-sanctioned discrimination. Boys like hanging out with boys and girls like hanging out with girls, so they created organizations to facilitate those interactions. But that’s not stopping anyone from setting up co-ed organizations — in fact, there are tons of those!

But I guess we should be grateful Harvard’s still allowing frats and sororities to exist at all. A faculty committee at the school recommended banning the groups entirely back in July.

Whether Harvard penalizes single-gender group membership or bans it entirely, it’s doubtful that social dynamics will change all that much. Students will still form friend groups with those similar to themselves and network with those groups to get jobs and social benefits, those groups just won’t have those strange Greek letters. 

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Harvard Scholar Compares Israel to ISIS, Suggests Palestinian Kids Get ‘Shot’ Simply for Going to School 



A Harvard scholar seems to have a tenuous relationship with the truth, comparing Israel to ISIS and suggesting Palestinian kids get shot simply for living and going to school. 

Rami Khouri is a Middle East Initiative senior fellow for Harvard’s Belfer Center. He has suggested that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham “paying allegiance to Israel mirrors Islamist radicals paying allegiance to ISIS.” 

He also said “in the eyes of Zionism, Palestinian kids are VERY provocative, simply by living & going to school in Palestine; so they get shot.” Israelis shoot Palestinian kids just for living and going to school? Furthermore, the scholar neglected to mention that Palestinian parents sometimes encourage their kids to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers. 

Khouri has also made conflicting statements about Israel’s legitimacy, saying it’s important to distinguish between pre-1967 and post-1967 Israel just three days after saying “Israeli colonialists” had seven decades of US support. So which is it? Israel was legitimate pre-1967 or never legitimate  — which Khouri insinuates when he states that Israelis have been colonizers since the Jewish State’s founding in 1948.

Not surprisingly, the scholar also has very strong opinions about how President Trump vowed to eradicate terrorism. He thinks Trump is pandering to “Islamophobes” and “racists” with his focus on terrorism. 

Campus Unmasked reached out to Khouri for comment, but received none in time for press. But we understand; formulating propaganda is very time-consuming work.  

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