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‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Praised By K-12 Teachers



Chickpeas Preschool teacher Katrina Green says “Drag Queen Story Hour allows preschool children to deepen and complicate their ideas about gender at the exact age when they are often developing rigid ideas about this concept,” according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

And this is where I get angry. You can tell that Katrina is perfectly aware that she is force-feeding kids Marxist dogma at the very age when they’re most vulnerable. No! Bad Katrina. So let’s take a look at one of the stories these kids are having read to them.

Here’s “Jacob’s New Dress” by Sarah and Ian Hoffman. “Jacob loves playing dress-up, when he can be anything he wants to be,” says the Amazon description. “Some kids at school say he can’t wear “girl” clothes, but Jacob wants to wear a dress to school. Can he convince his parents to let him wear what he wants?”

How about: can he restructure the brains of the rest of society so that they don’t see him as a bit odd? There’s a reason why people used to — I’m not sure if they still do — dress up as the opposite gender for costume parties. When confronted with something unusual, people are going to respond with surprise, skepticism, and even laughter. It’s not because they’re bigots; it’s just because whatever they’re experiencing is out of the norm. I don’t think you can PURGE those natural instincts and do you really want to?


Lunch Ladies Arrested For $500K Heist



Everyone loves Grand Theft Auto, but how about Grand Theft Lunch? These two ladies, Joanne Pascarelli and Marie Wilson, are sisters who allegedly stole, within five years time, $478,588 from Saxe Middle School and New Canaan High School, schools in a wealth Connecticut neighborhood, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Joanne and Marie were in charge of the cafeterias there and apparently told the cashiers not to count up how much money was earned on any given day. They would then underreport the earnings and swipe the rest of the cash.

But at least one of these lunch ladies isn’t going down without a fight. Mark Sherman, Marie’s attorney, said: “There is much more to this story. Marie is innocent and did not personally divert a single nickel of town money for personal gain. She is not going to be scapegoated for the missing money.”

Joanne and Marie got charged with fraud and larceny and paid $50,000 in bail apiece to get out of prison and, get this, New Canaan police believe that the sisters have been poaching money for 15 years, but fortunately for the ladies, a statute of limitations bars them from being charged for anything longer than five years. Marie and Joanne are scheduled to appear in court on August 21th and 24th.

But what is UP with Connecticut recently? You might remember when I reported on feminist professor Matthew Fantastic Loter — yes, that’s him in a Snow White outfit there — who allegedly put a YouTuber in a headlock and began punching him in the head. It’s been nearly three weeks since THAT incident and still no arrests.

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