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University of Texas at San Antonio

Jewish Group Banned From Texas University



The University of Texas at San Antonio kicked the David Horowitz Freedom Center off campus after the group posted a flier connecting Students for Justice in Palestine to Hamas, along with one showing a meme from SJP founder and Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian suggesting Israelis are organ-smuggling Nazis, as well as one featuring SJP activist Nancy Salem’s quote “how many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough,” reported Campus Reform.

Now let’s hear the spin the SJP and UTSA’s Muslim Students Association put on the fliers. The two groups put out a press release saying “the flyers posted are blatantly racist and Islamophobic.”

SJP and the UTSA Muslim Association say “the desire to spread this kind of slander and hate against SJP is not rooted in a genuine interest to protect Jewish people. Instead, Palestine activists are labeled ‘anti-Semites’ for legitimate criticisms against the human rights violations and injustices committed by the state of Israel.” If there’s any place to have a conversation about the Israel/Palestine conflict, it’s definitely college, but you can’t seriously be telling me saying Hitler is a boss and that white Jews are entitled and should die are “legitimate criticisms.”

UTSA President Taylor Eighmy classified the posters as “bias incidents” and said “Freedom of expression is vital to institutions of higher education, but we cannot tolerate speech that violates our freedom of expression policies. Recognizing that most forms of offensive speech are protected by the First Amendment, I condemn notions shared by groups that champion intolerance, bigotry and hatred.”

But UTSA is a public university and there’s no First Amendment exception for so-called intolerance, bigotry, and hatred. Perhaps the school should reconsider before it faces a very embarrassing lawsuit.

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