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Take a look around at the institutions in your life. It seems like from government to Silicon Valley, from star-studded Hollywood to the media on your every device, there’s a slow but steady push for equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, a prioritization of feelings over facts, and a general humorlessness from those telling us what to think instead of how to think.

But what started this creeping cultural Marxism? What do most of the thought leaders behind these institutions have in common? If you answered university, you’ve done your homework.

The ivory tower has long been a place of left-wing bias. But the 12-to-1 left-wing to right-wing professor ratio hasn’t just spawned a lopsided curriculum. It’s instead created an intolerance for opposing points of view that manifests in lies, censorship and at its most extreme, violence. Attitudes and systems cultivated in academia have a long history of seeping into the world outside. But this intolerance seems a bit more insidious than the ingenious strides in STEM and literature of years past. Do we dare let the wound fester and spread?

Not on my watch.

It’s time to shine a light on the cowardly tactics of those who can’t win wars with words. It’s time to expose the assassins of truth who brand Israel responsible for ISIS and all frat boys as rapists. It’s time to bring justice to the Antifa hordes terrorizing those who dare commit wrongthink. It’s time. For a Campus Unmasked.

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Trump Supporter Resigns From ‘Commie Camp’



Meet Gabriella Mamet, who had the unique displeasure of serving as a camp counselor for the social justice-themed Camp Kinderland — whose campers made Antifa flags for one activity — while being a Trump supporter. Now you’re probably wondering: why would someone who supports Trump sign up for a job focused on communist indoctrination? Well, Gabriella told me that she didn’t get the impression the place was a leftist hivemind during the phone interview or from browsing the site, but she sure was in for a surprise, particularly from the kids, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.


She said they were “attacking me for my political views….They were saying that they felt threatened by me as a counselor and not knowing my views on gun control…they said to my face all Trump supporters are bad people. They’re racist, homophobic and we don’t want them at our camp.”


Camp Kinderland apparently assigned Gabriella to a bunk full of 14 and 15-year-old kids. You know how much of a pain in the ass that age group usually is, but just imagine if their brains are addled with both immaturity AND Marxism.


Campers “were justifying the police officers being shot [in Ferguson],” said Gabriella, whose father serves in the force. “They were basically saying that it was okay for the police officers to be shot because people were so angry.”


After a month of putting up with this crap, the 20-year-old counselor was scheduled to switch bunks last Sunday, but said she resigned after her boss simply told the kids she was needed elsewhere and didn’t hold them accountable for their actions. She’s now worried that the camp won’t pay her if this story gets out.

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Merrimack College

Prof Ordered To Apologize For Elevator ‘Lingerie’ Joke



Merrimack College professor Simona Sharoni reported King’s College London political theory professor Richard Ned Lebow for saying “ladies’ lingerie” when asked which floor he wanted to visit, reported The Washington Post. Because you know: at first it’s only a harmless joke, but next thing you know this 76-year-old man will be out raping in broad daylight.

Sharoni and Lebow were attending a conference in San Francisco, of course, held by the International Studies Association. In her complaint to the ISA, Sharoni said “I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that [she and another colleague] froze and didn’t confront him….As a survivor of sexual harassment in the academy, I am quite shaken by this incident.”

When he found out she had complained, Lebow wrote to Sharoni, saying he “had no desire to insult women or to make [her] feel uncomfortable,” calling her complaint “frivolous,” and saying that, like her, he is “strongly opposed to the exploitation, coercion or humiliation of women….As such evils continue, it seems to me to make sense to direct our attention to real offenses, not those that are imagined or marginal.”

But ISA executive director Mark Boyer called Lebow’s joke “offensive and inappropriate,” said that his calling the complaint “frivolous” was an even “more serious violation,” and ordered him to send Sharoni an “unequivocal apology” if he doesn’t want to be punished, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Lebow has refused to apologize and good on him. Of course, the true harassers in this scenario are Sharoni and the “scholarly” group for, like some sort of totalitarian police force, trying to extort a false confession out of this poor man. Perhaps the International Studies Association needs to study up a bit on what has happened internationally in societies that punish thoughtcrime.

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Columbia University

‘Academic Freedom Week’ Hosts Only Leftists



Columbia University’s Apartheid Divest is hosting an academic freedom week, inviting a slew of left-wing academics, reported Campus Reform.

On Monday, Columbia students will be treated to a panel called “On the Palestine Exception,” featuring Rutgers professor Jasbir Puar, who argues that Israel harvests Palestinian organs, UCLA professor Gil Hochberg, who thinks the “militarized gaze” of Israeli soldiers is a “tool of dominance,” and Columbia’s own Joseph Massad, who has redefined anti-Semitism to also include hatred of Muslims. Yay! Diversity of opinion!

And it gets even better with Tuesday’s “White Supremacy in Academia.” Get out your pen and paper for some insightful comments from Trinity College professor Johnny E. Williams, who called whites “inhuman assholes,” using the hashtag #LetThemFuckingDie.

But if there’s a VIP of the VIPs, it’s gotta be George Ciccariello-Maher, the professor who tweeted “all I want for Christmas is white genocide” and said the Las Vegas massacre “is what happens” when white people “don’t get what they want.” Ciccariello-Maher will be paneling Wednesday’s “Academic Antifascism” panel because he is, of course, also a big fan of the men in black. Now there can only be one winner, but his fellow panelist San Diego State University prof “Ozzie” Monge deserves a shout-out for threatening to lower a white student’s grade when she dared disagree with him over the school’s Aztec mascot.

What’s really fascinating about this Columbia event is that while the pro-Palestinian student sponsors say universities have attacked and silenced these speakers, almost none of them actually were. Drexel put Ciccariello-Maher on leave and then made him teach classes remotely for security reasons until the professor chose to resign and San Diego State kicked Monge out of the classroom, but only after the California DOJ found him guilty of racial retaliation, but that seems to be it. If you want to host a real academic freedom event, Columbia, maybe you should invite fewer lefties who are a little too edgy for the in-group and more conservatives who have no hope of making it into the group to begin with.

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